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TKS Color Top Century Press to be Installed at The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd

On April 8th, 2014, TKS received an order for one set of the 100,000 copies-per-hour Color-Top Century web offset press from The Kyoto Shimbun Holdings Co., Ltd. which will be installed at their Kumiyama Printing Plant.

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Start-up Ceremony of TKS Color Top 7100CD at The San-in Chuo Shimpo Production Center

A start-up ceremony for the TKS Color Top 7100CD Web Offset Press was held at the Production Center of The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd.

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Production-Ready Printing of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE Press for Delivery to Yomiuri Newspaper's New Sendai Printing Plant

On February 7th of 2014, a Production-Ready Printing Ceremony was held at the Kazusa Technocenter factory of Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. (TKS) for the 4x1 Color Top Ecowide web offset press to be delivered to the new Sendai Plant of The Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper).

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JETLEADER 1500 Used for Making Hand Flip Cartoon Animation

Have you heard of "TEKKEN"? It is the name of a Japanese comedian. He has been in the spotlight through the hand flip cartoon animation, "PARA PARA MANGA", and also getting good vibes from overseas so that we tend to rate his performance to be beyond the realm of comedy.

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Hawaii Hochi JETLEADER 1500 ceremony

On the 20th of last September, a start-up ceremony was initiated at the TKS Kazusa Techno Center in Japan for the actual JETLEADER 1500 slated for delivery.

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TKS new ColorTop 5000 UDI start up with HT Media in India

Day-to-day production run of our Color Top 5100UDI web offset press commenced on the 9th of September 2013 at the Greater Nodia plant of HT Media in India.

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tks Receives JETLEADER 1500 Order from Hawaii Hochi : September 30, 2013

TKS formally concluded a contract with Hawaii Hochi Ltd. for an order for an inkjet digital printing system, the JETLEADER 1500

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Production Start of Color Top 7100CD Web Offset Press at Ehime Newspaper Co., Ltd. : June 27, 2013

A startup ceremony for the Color Top 7100CD got underway on June 27th at the Printing Center of The Ehime Newspaper Co., Ltd

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Order of Additional Tower for The Chugoku Newspaper's Fukuyama Production Center

TKS received an order from The Chugoku Newspaper Co., Ltd. for additional installation of one 4 x 2, web offset Color Top 6100 tower unit for...

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Newsweb Corporation and TKS sign letter of intent for Newsweb's second JETLEADER 1500 digital ink jet press : June 4, 2013

Newsweb Corporation and TKS signed a letter of intent for Newsweb's second JETLEADER 1500 digital ink jet press.

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Color Top 7100CD sale to The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd. : April 26, 2013

TKS received an order for one Color Top 7100CD web offset press, in March 2013 from The San-in Chuo Shimpo Newspaper Co., Ltd. The press is to be installed at their San-in Chuo Shimpo Production Center.

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Ceremony for JETLEADER 1500 Being Presented "Technical Development Award": April 24, 2013

TKS received the prestigious "Technical Development Award" from the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association for the TKS JETLEADER 1500.

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