About TKS - Past and Present:
General Overview...
Founded in 1874, TKS continues to grow as a full-line manufacturer of printing equipment. We are proud to have played a significant role in developing technological advancements over the past 133 years.

Our high-speed newspaper printing systems perform with unsurpassed capability throughout the entire newspaper production process.

The Color Top product line has been TKS's most successful product introduction. To date, we have sold over 5,000 printing couples, with over 2,200 shaftless printing couples.

TKS is a dynamic performer in our information-driven global society, delivering state-of-the-art technology as a full-line manufacturer of printing systems.

Advanced Technology...
TKS, in business since 1874, manufactures and sells high speed single-width, double-width and triple-width presses for small size dailies.

These include:

  • Color Top 3500 - 2x1 singlewide - printing speed of 54,000 cph
  • Color Top 4000 - 2x2 singlewide - printing speed of 70,000 cph
  • Color Top 5000 - 4x1 - printing speed of 75,000 cph
  • Color Top 7000 - 4x2 - printing speed of 90,000 cph
  • Color Top 8200 - 4x2 - floor mounted, right angle press - printing speed of 85,000 cph
  • Color Top 9000 - 6x2 - printing speed of 90,000
  • Color Top Century - 4x2, printing speed of 100,000 cph

In addition to the full range of press equipment, TKS offers a line of material handling and mailroom products. This includes the following systems:

  • Paper roll storage
  • Paper roll delivery
  • Paper roll wrapper removal
  • Paster Preparation Robot (PPR)
  • Gripper conveyors
  • Plate conveyors
  • Mailroom equipment

TKS has additional automation such as the Inspector, which is an on-line density reading system.

Competitive Advantage...
TKS products deliver long-term reliability, register precision and high print quality. We take great pride in our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled technicians, and highly detailed production factories involved in the manufacturing and assembly of all our components. TKS carefully monitors every stage of the products development process, from component manufacturing to on-site inspection of delivered equipment by specialized technicians.

TKS's machining centers are equipped with factory management systems and sophisticated machine tools optimally maintained to perform high-precision component processing. During the manufacturing of any component, no matter how small, a good technician knows precisely how and where the component will be used. A large web offset press is made up of hundreds of thousands of components. A technician's keen eye can often see subtle nuances that cannot be reflected in drawings.

TKS ensures the production of superior quality products by conducting inspec- tions and measurements at each stage of component processing and assembly. Data from inspections and testing is analyzed to assure optimal operation and to provide information for new product development.

TKS works diligently at every step of the manufacturing, inspection, and testing process to give our customers a competitive advantage for success.