100,000 cph “Color Top Century” in Full Production:
Last year, TKS celebrated its 100th year of manufacturing rotary printing presses. Through its continued pursuit in the evolution of newspaper rotary presses, TKS developed the 100,000 cph Color Top Century web offset press, a product of its latest technological advance in the Color Top series. A resounding success in printing at 100,000 copies per hour (cph) was achieved using conventional ink, paper, plate and blanket. The production start-up ceremony for the first machine was held from 11:00 AM on March 1, 2007 at the Kyoto Shimbun (Newspaper) Kumiyama plant from which time on, they were in full production.

Development History
Development started in October of 2004 by outlining the concept of a web offset press that can assure: (1) Stable printing run at 100,000 cph with superb print quality, (2) Lower running cost through improved operability, lower paper waste and shorter make-ready time, and (3) Being conscientious of the environment.

The project commenced under the full cooperation of Kyoto Newspaper and the various materials and peripheral equipment manufacturers. By March 2006, verification work was done for the test printing within the TKS Tamagawa factory whereby satisfactory results were obtained in all areas of the check list leading to completion of the highest level shaftless web offset press for newspapers in Japan as well as for the rest of the world.

Stability in the Running Web
A split two-arm reelstand is equipped with air-cooled center brakes for both the drive and operation sides which not only prevents overheating at 100,000 cph but makes it possible to fully make the web come to a sudden stop in time of an emergency stop. Furthermore, an electro-pneumatic tension control system is utilized for reel tension. In the area of printing tension, horizontal sliding dancer rollers have been implemented affording precise control which is all part of the engineering know-how to stabilize the running web tension during high speed runs, during ramping of speeds up and down, and during pasting.

Assurance of Excellent Printed Image from Low Speed to High Speed
The printing unit incorporates a three-ink-forme-roller system, the dampening rollers also incorporates a 3-roller system by virtue of a rider roller, and with the combination of the high speed DIP inking system, which has proved itself in the Color Top 7000 series, excellent printing quality is maintained from low speed to the highest 100,000 cph. Further, utilizing water cooling for the ink cylinder and cooling for the lubrication system to subdue heat build-up, stable print quality is guaranteed during long-run printing. For the dampening system, the Tohki Electronics (a TKS group company) TSD-3000, which features a high speed, high frequency spray system, is used.

In the automatic register control system, the high speed TRC-5000 has been incorporated that allows for separate adjustments at the drive and operation sides, which together with the new fanout roller, maintains high register precision.

Stable Fold Accuracy and Paper Conveying
For the folder unit, a 2:5:5 jaw folder is used on the operation side so that constant and reliable fold accuracy is assured during high speed printing. At the folder fan delivery section, TKS has developed an IDCC (Inside Direct Catch Carrier) device so that, in conjunction with the Kaneda Kikai Seisakusho (KKS, a TKS group company) BTC (Baton Touch Carrier, which is capable of conveying papers at 100,000 cph), newspapers that have been individually gripped by the IDCC at the fan section are directly relayed to the BTC conveyor gripper (much like the baton in relay races). This innovative system makes it possible to convey thin to thick newspapers at ultra high speeds.

Realization of Energy Savings
The Color Top Century is a couple-drive shaftless tower web offset press. At each couple (couple=1 plate cyl. + 1 blanket cyl.) of the printing unit and at the folder unit, an Eco Drive Motor (EDM) is used for the main drive system materializing energy savings through large-scale reduction in gears, clutches and bearings.

Speed-up of Web Leading Time
By increasing the speed of the FWL (Full-automatic Web Lead) device from 8 rpm to 20 rpm and with the paper waste reduction mode, work efficiency is improved and running cost reduced.

Adaption of Production Control System
By implementing the TKS T-NPC-N production control system that integrates the control and management of the newspaper web offset printing operations and the newspaper mailroom operations, work efficiency and operations management is enhanced. The present Color Top Century at the Kyoto Newspaper’s Kumiyama plant consists of two printing line sets, both of which are in operation and each set consists of the following:

  • 3 units 4/4 color units
  • 3 units 1/2 color units
  • 1 unit Combination 2:5:5 jaw folder & 2:2 rotary folder
  • 6 reelstands

For each set, a maximum of 48 pages, with 24 of them in color, can be printed.