Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 5000UD:
TKS has developed the H-type shaftless web offset press, the Color Top 5000UD which features plate and blanket cylinders that are 4-page wide and 1-page around. The Color Top 5000UD, which is unit driven (couple drive option possible), is a 4-color tower press that can print four colors on both sides of the web.

This 4-page wide by 1-page around (4 X 1) web offset newspaper printing press came about when the newspaper industry in Europe, between 1998 and 1999, started announcing and drawing attention to the concept of a newspaper press with a single plate cylinder (1-page long plate)-- from previous 2-page long to 1-page long plates. Our development of the 4 X 1 press started in February of 2002, and till April of this year (2003), extensive checks and test printing were done on the performance of the one-around press. This press was then packed and shipped to Las Vegas and demonstrated at NEXPO 2003 actually printing at 70,000 everyday during the exhibit.

The specifications of the above Color Top 5000UD are:

  • Web width (U.S.): 50"(1270mm)
  • Cutoff: 21.5"(546mm)

Because the plate cylinder and blanket cylinder are one-around, it has become very compact with the frame height lessened by 1,350 and the width by 450mm as compared to the double-around H-type Color Top 7000CDH. Furthermore, for workability, the dimension of the arch at the first level has been kept in line with our double width Color Top 7000CDH. The total weight of the four-stacked printing tower has been reduced to 25 tons, and with the SDS (Super Drive System), which are being used in our shaftless presses, together with the two 45 KW ED (Eco Drive) motors, we were able to print at a maximum speed of 70,000 cph. This press has been able to meet the present-day demands for cost reduction and environmental considerations.

The plate lockup device features a tool-less system that has proven to be very popular with our newspaper customers. The blanket cylinder utilizes draw-in bars on both ends with a narrow gap.