Single-Width, Single-Circumference Tower Offset Press "Color Top 3000":
The Color Top 3000 is the latest model in the single-width, single-circumference, tower type web-fed offset press line developed by TKS with a max. printing speed of 50,000 cph. It is equal to approx. 70% of max. printing speed of a large-sized offset press for newspapers which runs at approximately 70,000 cph. The Color Top 3000 maximizes productivity while minimizing floor space requirements with a small investment and minimum operating costs. The Color Top 3000 offers highest print quality possible with the single-width, single circumference cylinders. It is also easy to achieve additional page and color capacity for future printing requirements, by adding printing units.

  • To achieve ultra high-speed printing, TKS developed a one box type frame with high rigidity for the printing units. An indirect mounting system was also incorporated for the plate and blanket cylinder bearings. Moreover, the diameter of the shafts were made larger and the frame span shorter to get more rigidity. Since a narrow gap system is adopted for the plate and blanket cylinders, noise and vibration are greatly reduced and ultra high-speed printing of 850 r.p.m. is achieved.
  • In addition to its being small in size, by using shaftless drive systems, large savings in space can be achieved.
  • Plate cylinders and blanket cylinders have a narrow gap system that minimizes vibration and provides high print quality.
  • The Color Top 3000 is essentially two 2/2 type printing units stacked, therefore, there is more flexibility in press configuration.
  • Since the Color Top 3000 is a tower unit type offset press there is no need to extend floor space, facilitating increases in page number and color pages.
  • Many of the controls formerly located off-press are now mounted into the cabinets of the press. A blanket washing device which can wash both upper and lower blankets is available as an option.
  • With the development of shaftless drives, where the infeed roller section has its own motor, there is freedom in locating the reelstand on floor level or below floor level.