Double-width, Double-circumferential, Web Offset Press "Spectrum 5000":
A rugged, yet sophisticated machine, the affordable Spectrum is ideally suited for satellite printing operations where limited staffing must produce quality newspapers on time, every time. All controls for the operation of each unit are conveniently placed on the operating side. Spectrum enables intelligent use of pressroom space. Factory-installed wiring and extensive use of connector plugs shorten installation time and simplify electrical maintenance. A variety of soundproofing techniques built into the press result in a much quieter operating pressroom.

  • Plate and blanket cylinder surfaces are stainless steel which have been factory flow welded to the cylinder core and then machined to precise finish dimensions. This surface's solidity can handle tough operating conditions and assures trouble-free performance for many years.
  • Plate and blanket cylinders are equipped with super precise preloaded taper roller bearings, thus enabling high quality printing.
  • The main drive gears are surface-hardened by a cementation (or carburizing) process, then polished to ultra-precise finish tolerances. The extremely hard gear surface resists wear so well that tight mesh and smooth operation are maintained for a very long time.
  • TKS has developed a proprietary plate lock-up device which is elegantly simple. It is possible to securely lock and unlock plates with one touch.
  • Using a fillet bar arrangement permits the leading and trailing ends of a blanket to be adjusted separately, enabling the blanket to be held firmly in uniform tension across its width.
  • Blanket cylinders, ink form-rollers, and water form-rollers can be tripped on or off by remote control.
  • Plate cylinder circumferential and side-lay registers are motorized and can be adjusted during printing. It is also equipped with a motorized cocking register device.
  • The inking system adopts a continuous ink feed pickup form roller system which can constantly supply a stable film of ink to the plate surface.
  • The dampener system adopts a continuous dampening system which can constantly supply a stable film of water to the plate surface.
  • The unit cover is of tightly closed structure with a window on the drive side which facilitates maintenance checks.
  • For the lubrication system, a forced circulating lubrication system with an oil pump is built in within the frame cover on the drive side, and on the operation side a centralized lubrication system using a grease gun is provided.
  • When the paper detector detects a web break or such during printing, in order to prevent damage to the blanket and to keep the shock to the cylinder journal to a minimum, an emergency stop circuit is built in so that the blanket cylinder impression automatically trips off at the same time as the press is stopped.
  • The reelstand is installed under the printing unit. The roll chucking system is a simple operation using an air shaft, whereby paper rolls are easily attached or removed. With the disk brake, which is linked to the floating roller, and the infeed roller, the moving web is fed to the printing unit at a stable tension.
  • Savings in water is realized as the cooling water to the disk brake is supplied only during printing by automatic on/off of the electromagnetic valve.
  • The folder unit, which adopts an accurate 2:1 folder system, is capable of handling 2-page to 24-page products at ultra high speeds. With the main drive gear equipped with a forced circulating lubrication system, the whole folding unit itself is constructed for high precision and long-life durability.