Color Top 9000CD Shaftless Web offset Press:
As a new model of the Color Top series, manufacturing of the Color Top 9000CD shaftless web offset press (6-page wide by 2-page around) with specifications for the overseas market was completed and actual on-site operation in Portugal started at Mirandela Artes Graficas S.A. in October 2006.

Our commercial shaftless web offset press the Color Top 8200CMCD is already running at the company and this press is the second installation making it our first newspaper tower offset press to operate in Europe. For the maximum 2400mm width by 560mm cutoff specification, development was undertaken in June 2005 utilizing the knowhow from the first domestic Color Top 9000CDH, 6 x 2 press, that made its live print debut at drupa 2004.

This tower web offset Color Top 9000CD press, aimed mainly for the U.S./European newspaper market, features a couple drive and a shaftless system, with a top speed of 90,000 copies per hours (cph). Having a main cylinder that is capable of printing newspaper pages of 6-page across by 2-page around, the press is able to print 1.5 times more than conventional 4 wide by 2 around newspaper presses making it possible to reduce the number of printing units needed for printing large multi-page products. At the same time, because the press installation surface area can be reduced, the printing plant area becomes smaller lowering the overall initial cost.

For running cost likewise, there are fewer number of pasters and shorter web paths resulting in less waste, and by using a “Twin Turbo” device to vacuum paper dust and lint out of the running web, the burden of the blanket wash is drastically lowered. All of these advantages contribute to lower power consumption and less maintenance work.

Although the plates used are large, 3-page wide by 2-page long, with the use of our special toolless lockup mechanism and the reverse mechanism of our main cylinders, plate mounting and dismounting can easily be done.

The inking device is a high speed digital ink pump system and the water dampening device is a Tohki Electronics TSD-2000S (12-nozzle type). For the 6-page paper width, the proven Color Top system’s Super Register Device (SRD) is utilized so that fan-out is practically eliminated providing excellent registration.

Fortified with these innovative features, not only newspapers but flyers and such using woody paper can be printed with good quality. Furthermore, by using two tower units for a “flying plate change” function news content can be changed without stopping the press. Equipped with such features as a 2:5:5 jaw folder, a chopper folder, skip slitters, a tabloid stitcher and collect stitcher, various fold specifications can be met.

The first set consists of five units of 4 x 4 color towers, 2 folders, and five reelstands.