Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 7500CDH:
Adding to the series of the popular Color Tops, TKS has newly developed the Color Top 7500CDH, which has a constant printing speed of 90,000 CPH.

Development has been initiated from October 2004. Based on the operational experiences of the Color Top 7100 CDH, improvements were made to formulate the concept of Stable operation during high speed running and maintaining high quality printing; a rotary press that is kind to people and considerate of the environment while being easy to operate, low in paper waste, less makeready time, less running cost, improved stability, and the possibility to use various existing off-the-shelf materials.

Color Top 7500CDH, developed as an H-type tower press and equipped with shaftless couple drive system.

The reelstand is a split-arm type. Adopting a new tension control system which is excellent in control accuracy to attain stabilization of the running tension during high speed printing and the air-cooled center brake is equipped on both, the operation side and drive side in order to be able to instantly stop 50 rolls at emergency stops during high speed printing.

The printing unit features a new roller arrangement which is equipped with three ink form rollers, three dampening rollers (rider system) in order to assure high quality printing from low speed to high speed. And, to keep up with high-speed long run printing, it is equipped with water-cooled inking cylinders as standard equipment. The spray bar is equipped with the TSD-2000SV system (made by TKE). Supply of dampening water can be performed stably even at high-speed printing of 90,000 cph. Since the anti-fan out roller for eliminating fan out, which is peculiar to tower units, can be moved individually at the operation and drive sides in the horizontal direction, anti-fan out adjustment is easy and high precise registration is maintained from beginning to end.

The folder is a combination folder which consists of two kinds of different folding mechanisms. On the operation side is the 2:5:5 jaw folder, which is based on our proven track record, to stably maintain folder accuracy from low speed to high speed in a multi-page format and can be changed over between straight and collect aruns (option). On the drive side is the 2:2 rotary folder which makes it possible to run three sections by adding a balloon former (option).

The first installation (two sets) of the Color Top 7500CDH was at the Kita-Nihon Shimbunsha at their new ETCHUZA printing plant. This press is capable of running a maximum of 48 page with 40 pages with a press layout of five 4/4 towers and one 2/2 tower, one folder, and six reelstands. The start-up ceremony was held at the new factory on July 26th, 2006 marking the start of full operations of the Color Top 7500CDH.