Double-width, Double-circumferential, Shaftless Tower Offset Press "Color Top 6200UD":
The shaftless, synchronized position control system with high precision and efficiency, enable the CT6200UD to produce excellent print quality with precise registration from low to high speed, meeting today's demands for energy saving, high productivity and a comfortable work environment. Energy saving is attained through Eco-Drive Motors installed for the main motor. This advanced technology was refined during the Color Top product development, including the automatic high precision register adjustment system.

  • The main motor is a highly efficient Eco-Drive Motor (EDM) using super powerful permanent magnets. By removing many gears, clutches and bearings, power transfer efficiency is enhanced. Together with the function of Dynamic Braking, energy consumption is greatly reduced.
  • The automatic register adjustment system, including the Super Register Device (SRD), together with the Super Drive System (SDS) with 7 analytical movement capability, provides superior color register preciseness. Every Roller Top of Former is individually driven by its own motor and precise gain control is available. Optimum tension control is assured.
  • During web leading operation, the web is moving through the selected printing unit without running the unit. Plate change can be done by moving only the selected cylinder. Both items result in reduction of paper waste.
  • Because connection of main drive shafts is not required, layout configuration can be more flexible in accordance with building design. In the case of expansion projects, construction and installation schedules will be substantially shortened.
  • Selective connection of units is done by push button operation. Plate changes and blanket changes can be done by unit couple or at multiple places at the same time.
  • Make-ready work is simplified and the required time can be reduced. As for overload safety, if there is more torque than the preset amount, the motor will immediately stop. After diagnosing and correcting the cause, return to normal operation can be done by push button. Re-engaging the overload clutch or changing the safety pin (as traditionally required) is not necessary. Preset of overload torque of motors can be done easily.
  • Due to reduction of mechanical parts for the drive system and the use of long-life electric parts, maintenance time and costs are reduced.
  • Because there are less lubrication points, oil leakage problems are reduced. Noise level has been lowered through reduction of gears and use of smaller-size air cooling fans for motors.