Double-width, Double-circumferential, Web Offset Press "Color Top 6000":
The Color Top 6000 printing press takes pride in its high register accuracy, exerting its versatility in multi-page color newspaper production. In addition to its high print image quality, it is ever improving in the area of energy and space savings, labor, ease of operation, safety, paper dust and noise prevention. Furthermore, with a wide array of automatic and peripheral equipment, an optimal offset press can be provided that can meet the capacities and objectives of a plant. With a state-of-the-art color keyless inking system incorporated into the Color Top 6000, which by now enjoys wide recognition among newspapers, the Color Top 6500 is an economical and easy to use web offset press that can produce high quality color printing without having to control water content. This press uses high viscosity inks to produce outstanding high quality printed images. There is no ghosting or uneven density, and there is no need for ink presetting reducing of make-ready times and start-up waste paper. Not having to wash the rubber rollers, non-skill workers can be used and labor and energy savings can be realized. The press itself saves power in that there is no need for a cooling device.

  • Because bearer contact holds plate cylinders in solid position, printing accuracy and stable performance are guaranteed. The utmost accuracy is maintained in the manufacture of bearers. Since so much depends upon the accuracy and durability of the bearers, they are fabricated from a special alloy, hardened using a low frequency technique, then ground to final close tolerances. The result is outstanding accuracy over a very long operating life.
  • TKS has developed a proprietary pin register system which ties in the punching of the plate to the plate lock-up. This pin register system dramatically improves the accuracy of the initial mounting of each plate. The time needed to mount or remove a plate is actually less because of the pin register system.
  • Using a fillet bar arrangement permits the leading and trailing ends of a blanket to be adjusted separately, enabling the blanket to be held firmly in uniform tension across its width.
  • For normal straight run usage, a 1W X 2L(one page wide by two pages long) plate can be mounted. Also, a 1W X 1L plate can be accommodated. If double-truck images are involved, a 2W X 2L plate can be used. A 2W X 1L plate can also be accommodated.
  • Plate and blanket cylinders are protected from the corrosive effects of fountain solution by thick-walled tubes of stainless steel which are factory-welded to the cylinder core then machined to finish dimensions. Ink cylinders are specially plated with a lipophilic covering which is so dense that not even the tiniest pin-hole can exist in the finished product. This surface solidity prevents peeling of the coating under tough operating conditions and assures trouble-free performance for many years.
  • The plate lock-up is elegantly simple, yet secures the plates firmly in proper position. Tightening of the plate lock-up is not necessary. No tool is needed, just a touch to mount or remove a plate. The result is a major reduction in plating and un-plating time.
  • Because Color Top requires about 20% less floor space than earlier machines and needs vertical space of less than 9 meters, plant construction costs can be reduced. By incorporating many of the controls formerly located off-press into the operating side control cabinets, further space is conserved.
  • Spray bar dampeners are used to automatically meter the correct amount of fountain solution regardless of press speed. Because the plate is dampened by fountain solution before it is inked, stable images of the best quality are achieved quickly. Use of spray bar dampening, lightweight rubber rollers, open fountains and aisle-mounted wash-up devices all serve to drastically reduce the need to work in the arch of a unit. Consequently, maintenance tasks are accomplished more easily.
  • The main drive gears of the plate and blanket cylinders are surface-hardened by a cementation process, then ground to ultra-precise finish tolerances. The extremely hard gear surface resists wear so well that tight mesh and smooth operation are maintained for a very long time. A newly-designed drive gear system is virtually backlash free and so prevents the slurring which sometimes mars the printing of less sophisticated printing equipment.
  • Because a 4-High Color Top is essentially four B:B units stacked, operating convenience is exactly the same at each level. Our simple blanket lock-ups and tool-less plate lock-ups make essential press operating tasks much easier to perform. Because most of the adjustments required for ink, water and register are automated, frequent manual intervention is not needed. All operations necessary for running the tower are consolidated in one location at the unit operating side at press deck level.