T-NPC (TKS Newspaper Production Control System):
The T-NPC registers the data received from the pre-press section according to the printing pattern, and by presetting the optimal makeready data for the various printing press elements, the system allows for an ideal printing operation in accordance with that day's printing production. The system vastly reduces makeready time and by displaying on the monitor the printing status, trouble, and other conditions in real time it is possible to keep the printing press constantly operating in a safe and stable manner.

Furthermore, because it is easy to link up to automatic, manpower-saving peripheral devices such as the automatic web leading device, automatic guide roller cleaning device, and the web surface inspecting device, the system is a vital factor in realizing factory automation of a newspaper printing plant. This versatile, multi-functional system is a vital support system for newspaper printing experts. By inputting into the T-NPC the valuable accumulation of experience of the operator in their day-to-day printing chores, it is possible to further enhance the capabilities of the printing press and to build a system that answers to the particular needs of a customer.