FWL-200 (Full Automatic Web Leading Device):
The FWL-200 provides automatic web leading from the reelstand to the folder unit by selecting the preset web path pattern thus freeing the operator from the troublesome job of hand-leading the web. According to the preset web path, the web path belt in the belt stocker at the folder section is run in reverse to the reelstand. The web path belt that uses angle bars are run in reverse to the angle bar section. The prepared web sheet is pasted to the attachment that is on the tip of this reverse running belt, and by pulling the belt back, web leading to the folder section is done fully automatic. Using the automatic pasting device to attach the web sheet that is slit at the drag roller section slitter, leading of the web sheet on angle bar side can be done automatically.

  • Web leading can be completed with minimum labor and shortened time.
  • The FWL-200 is able to handle complex web paths.
  • By registering various web paths, the required web path can be simply selected.
  • One belt can run 20 web path courses and a maximum of 700 patterns can be registered. This system can be installed on an existing press.
  • The lead in belt is a short attachment-included belt making maintenance and exchanging of belts easy to do.
  • There are two methods of setting the web path pattern: one is by selection at the central FWL operation panel, and the other is by presetting at the T-NPC.
  • The angle bar web sheet is pasted on to the attachment with the automatic pasting device without any preparation work on the sheet and without the need of human intervention.