Counter Stacker 500 Series:
The CS-500 Series can process bundles of 15 copies each with a newspaper size from 4 to 48 pages and is connected online for a maximum printing press speed of 85,000 cph. By attaching a Second Division Device it is possible to take out one copy. The CS-510 Series can, by itself, process odd fractional number of copies starting from three copies. On its continuing efforts in technological innovation, TKS has developed equipment to produce neater packing shapes operating at low sound levels.

  • Excellent packing shape and increased capability: By placing the turntable at the mid section and utilizing a servomotor the need for reverse turning for large batches has been eliminated leading to an even better packing shape. With the CS-510 Series equipped with forks from the first to the third (the CS-500 Series is from second to third) and with the take out belt equipped inside the machine, its versatility has been greatly improved.
  • Quiet operation: By changing the drive system from chain type to timing belt and the turntable to AC servomotor type, sound suppression has been heightened.
  • Counting accuracy: By adopting a non-contact type laser and with TKS's proprietary count control method and accrued know-how, trouble-free and precise counting is realized which has translated to customer satisfaction. Counting is accurately maintained even if the newspaper stream's pitch (interval between overlaps) shortens. Standard newspaper sizes from 2 to 48 pages can be counted with utmost reliability.
  • Easy-to-use operation panel: By adopting a color liquid crystal operation panel, it has become very easy to see and operate such items as the routines necessary for daily operations and displaying of trouble logs to setting of timings for the different sections.
  • Operation panel with ten-key fraction input function as standard equipment
    • Ability to make fractional bundles: The standard storage capacity of a franctional bundle is 999 pieces. The number of copies of a fraction bundle can be input from the ten-key and stored in memory and when necessary, fractional bundles can be made automatically by just pushing the start button. The stacker can, according to the status of the other systems in the line, stop and restart making of fractional bundles. Even when the system is processing bundles, it is possible to cut in with fractional bundles at optional timing.
    • Overflow prevention function: In order to prevent overflow of the conveyors and packaging/wrapping machines due to continuous delivery of small bundles, the system can, by automatic judgement, insert standard bundles into the small bundle line.
    • Multi-functional fraction input device - option
      1. Ten-key for fractional input.
      2. File management function to store 500 items X 15 files.
      3. Editing of stored data.
      4. Possible to input creation of fractional bundles and cut in during creation of bundles by file.
  • Simple to upgrade system: As the control circuit uses sequencers, connections with system management computers for the mailroom can be easily done, and parameters can be automatically set from the system side.
  • Simplicity of maintenance: As all the covers and paper guides do not use tools, opening and closing can be done with one touch thus making maintenance simple and easy to do.