Small Bundle (Octavo) Folding Machine, FM-200:
In order to band the newspaper bundles for special delivery, the 1- to 3-product small bundles that have been quarter folded are further folded and pressed down by the Small Bundle (Octavo) Folding Machine, FM-200. Normally, newspapers that are output from the newspaper rotary presses are processed into bundles of so many products, and for the most part, are automatically wrapped and banded after being quarter folded. By automating octavo folding of fractional bundles, which was up till now done manually at sites where octavo folding of fractional bundles was required, the FM-200 made it possible to build a newspaper mailroom system that is economical by lowering running cost through reduction in operation time and manpower.

After going through the address label placing machine via the counter stacker, as the newspaper bundles are being delivered from the stack conveyor, fractional bundles are taken and octavo folding are done automatically with just the labels attached. Whether octavo folding is to be done or not can be determined by the counter stacker signal. The operation involves the lowering of the conveyor and holding down the fractional bundles with a hold-down roller after which the bundles are delivered through guides into the octavo folding machine where the chopper folds them in half resulting in eight folds, and after correcting the bundle shape with the pressing device, they are sent to the Small Bundle Wrapping/Banding Machine. Presently, the FM-200 is in operation at Shikoku Newspaper (Newsflow).