Wrapping/Banding Machine, PB-300:
With the footprint reduced by 30% by combining the wrapping and banding machines, the Wrapping/Banding Machine automatically processes newspaper bundles delivered out of the counter stackers without having to change their orientation. It is a system developed by TKS. The System is for lengthwise entry.

  • By using a lower and upper level conveyor system, polyethylene film consumption has been reduced by 10% and the bundle shape has improved. It has also enabled high speed processing of random small and large bundles.
  • By use of an optional length conveyor between the wrapping section and banding section the system can be configured to the convenience of the user.
  • By changing parts on the banding machine, paper bands can be used.
  • Overall handling of the equipment has become easier by using a large-size graphic panel with improved screens for maintenance.