BTC Carrier: Gripper Conveyor System
BTC Carrier is a gripper conveyor system designed and developed by KKS (a TKS sister company). KKS developed the BTC Gripper system to grip newspapers from a delivery fan directly, below are some additional details as well as a link to view the full product pamplet.

  • Light weight gripper made of strong and durable material.
  • Torsion (always closed) center gripper with two coil springs.
  • The open/close rollers are made of a special resins which require no lubrication making them basically maintenance free.
  • Superior mounting on the conveying carrier which requires little to no maintenance.
  • The runner rail is a double tracked, which makes it easy to turn and twist for more efficient layouts.
  • The carrier is driven by a servo motor and belt. The belt has seven teeth at a time in contact with the servo motor resulting in a more dispersed drive load and smoother conveyor run.
  • The position control in relation to the folder eject pitch is at an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Note: The BTC product brochure is in PDF (portable document) format. Click icon below to download and install (free download) adobe reader if you do not have a default PDF viewer.