Kraft Paper Underlay Applicator, UL-220:
Pulls in the kraft sheet paper while force feeding the sheet of kraft paper to the bottom of the newspaper bundle. It saves on manpower by not having to have someone lay down underlay sheets, and there is further manpower savings when a paper sheet restocking device is added.

  • Because sheets are used, it can be readily restocked.
  • Because a forced feed system is used for underlay supply, underlay sheets can be reliably supplied even for bundles with small number of copies.
  • When the interval between bundles become narrow during output of odd number bundles, the standby mechanism averages out the spacing between bundles to avoid straining the handling capability of the downstream devices.
  • According to the data on total number of pages, when bundles are deemed so small as to require cardboard sheets, the system stops feeding of the underlay sheet.