Address Label Printer/Applicator, APT-220:
The Address Label Printer/Applicator, APT-220, which is part of the newspaper distribution system in the mailroom, is an online system that automatically prints the addresses of the distributors as designated and places the labels onto the newspaper bundles as they travel on the conveyor. It is a device with many options that can handle various newspaper delivery systems as well as their different versions.

  • This machine uses single thermal heads, and can achieve high speed printing of 43 sheets/minute of B5 size.
  • It uses an easy-to-see and easy-to-operate large size TFT color touch screen. To operate, simply touch the screen with the finger according to instructions. All the various maintenance and trouble data, the methods of adjustments, and maintenance guides are stored in the system. In addition, the system can, at suitable times, pull out trouble history and analyze it.
  • As the system can connect through Ethernet with not only PCs but also a variety of host computers, it is possible to build up a total LAN system rather than be tied down to a specific supplier.
  • As the number of copies-at-waiting is only one copy, recovery is swift when trouble arises.