Address Label Reader/Applicator, AT-250:
The Address Label Reader/Applicator, AT-250 is a compact and lightweight multipurpose device. As there is no need for left or right orientation there is flexibility in its installation. Due to its compactness, it is easy to maintain.

  • Because touch screens are used for the operation panel it is easy to operate.
  • Maintenance is easy since a Remote I/O Sequencer is used for the controller device.
  • Since the controls for the main system and the reader device are integrated in one control panel, maintenance is easy.
  • By modifying the reader device and using a stopper for the address label, the reader's reliability has been greatly enhanced.
  • With the integration to a two-cassette system, a common installation position has been established for the machine body's installation position (side and top placement) to the conveyor.
  • As the number of labels that can be read and stocked is 5 labels, layout can be arranged freely.