the Shaftless Web Offset Commercial Press, Color Master HB-5000ED:
The Color Master HB-5000ED was developed by utilizing the shaftless drive technology experience in newspaper web presses and adapting it to the exacting precision printing requirements of commercial printing presses. As shaftless drive systems allow the various units such as the printing and folder units to run independently, the time for press make-ready is shortened, paper waste and running costs are reduced and maintenance is made easier. Furthermore, there is flexibility in laying out of the press and improvement in the work environment. By incorporating such features as simplifying plate changing procedures and drastically reducing time-consuming operations, TKS is proud to present a very productive commercial web offset press that possesses a wide range of applications from printing small jobs to big jobs and from flyers (leaflets) to high quality catalogs.

A standard press layout would consist of a reelstand unit, an infeed device, four printing units, a dryer, a chill roller unit, and two folding units which would print at a maximum speed of 800 rpm. Because the reelstand unit and infeed device are equipped with such features as a paper width preset system, an automatic roll alignment system, and a tail controller system, the press is easy to operate. Further, due to the infeed roller being driven by an independent motor, stable tension is constantly maintained. For paper roll paster preparation, instead of the V type adhesive pattern, a simple straight line adhesive is used simplifying and shortening the roll preparation for splicing.

In the printing unit, in addition to being easy to operate due to utilization of a highly rigid single cylinder, print surface quality is constant and there is no smudging or marking from gaps because the diameters of the plate cylinder and blanket cylinder are the same. As the ink forme rollers and water forme rollers vibrate, the press is so structured as to prevent ghosting. To make it difficult for lint and dirt to get on the plate surface the water forme roller of the dampening unit has individual motors which are remotely controlled, and a bridge function is provided on the water forme rider roller so that ink that is trapped at the water forme roller is returned to the inking roller thus greatly reducing the chance of ink being trapped. Inking keys with special screws that open or close through individual motors that are remotely controlled assure precise and stable ink adjustment.

Stable fold accuracy and high quality printing are made possible because such features as the chill roller device which has four rollers to improve chilling capability, a CPC (Center Position Control) mechanism on the web guide to compensate the roll to the paper center even when paper widths are changed, and an infeed device are provided as standard equipment. The folder unit is comprised of two easy-to-use single wide folder mechanisms, and besides jaw folds and chopper folds it is equipped for producing B-4 (tabloid) sheets. The folder is capable of producing a variety of signatures while taking up little space. With such automatic functions as a paper width preset system, one-touch switchover between B4 (tabloid) and B5 (magazine) folds, on-the-fly jaw fold adjustment, synchronization of chopper timing speed, and with the whole system running on a shaftless drive mechanism, high productivity with superb capabilities can be realized.