Shaftless Web Offset Commercial Press, Economaster BYH-5000ED:
The Economaster BYH-5000ED is a single color high speed commercial web offset press with shaftless drive technology. It was developed for printing on coated and uncoated paper to produce such products as magazines (weeklies), comic books, and mobile phone instruction manuals.

This shaftless drive system, BYH-5000ED, is a high speed web offset press which can print 16 pages of B5 (magazine) products straight at a maximum speed of 700 rpm or 1400 copies per minute (equivalent to newspaper speed of 85,000 cph). It can handle a wide variety of print product sizes such as B5 (magazine) and B6 (digest) with signatures of 8, 16 and 32 pages for B5 and 16 and 32 pages for B6.

Because a shaftless drive system is used, various units such as the printing and folder units are equipped with individual motors thus, the time for press make-ready is shortened, paper waste and running costs are reduced and maintenance is made easier. Furthermore, there is flexibility in laying out of the press and improvement in the work environment. By using a spray dampener for the water dampening system, the problems caused by paper lint clogging the water fountain is eliminated resulting in reliable quality printing. Inking keys with special screws that open or close through individual motors that are remotely controlled assure precise and stable ink adjustment.

Starting with a new one-touch automatic switchover mechanism between B5 (magazine) and B6 (digest) products, the 2:5:5 jaw folder unit also incorporates such features as an automatic chopper speed synchronization system, a web width preset device, and on-the-fly remote lap adjustment all of which guarantees very high and stable precision folding.