Shaftless Web Offset Press, Color Top 8200CMCD:
Color Top 8200CMCD is the first TKS installation in Europe. It is a commercial offset press which has been developed based on the technology accrued through Newspaper Tower Offset and Directory Tower Presses technology. This press is to be installed at MIRANDELA ARTES GRAFICAS in Lisbon, Portugal.

This press is for heatset press production with 1,240 mm cylinder circumference and 1960 mm maximum web width. The folder is available to deliver various A3 and A4 formats with jaw folding and chopper folding with different web widths. Available constant printing speed of 37,500 RPH for A3 format and 18,000 RPH for A4 format using the chopper. The press is consisting of one Reelstand, Infeed Device, 4/4 Tower Printing Unit, Air Turning Device, Dryer, Chill Roller Device and Folder with a 11.7 m height and a 22 m length. The press foot print of 22 meters in length is possible with a dryer length of 13.5 meters, by using TKS’s commercial Tower Unit. The web flows vertically through the Tower. Using an Air Turning Bar, the web flows through the oven across the Chill Rollers and down to the Folder. The Tower design saves floor space and adds speed capability to production.

The Printing Unit is equipped with three dampening rollers, continuous dampening device, water cooled ink cylinders and Shell Plate Cylinders. The Shell Plate Cylinders, a TKS patent item, offer registration accuracy to the highest degree. Both ink form rollers and dampening form rollers are using oscillation. The oscillating ink form rollers delete ghosting while the oscillating dampening form rollers ensure removal of paper dust accumulation on the plate cylinders. Open fountain ink keys are independently operated with individual blades to achieve accurate control of ink supply.

The folder is a Jaw type folder which has a cutting cylinder, folding cylinder, jaw cylinder with 2:3:3 cylinder ratios. The folder is equipped with a chopper folding device, cross perforator and gluing device for capability to complete various types of folding products. This gives the capability of the folder to produce 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 pages A3 products and 16, 24, 32, 48 and 64 pages on A4 products with changing straight and collect mode capabilities of the folder. Additional functions such as lap adjustment on the run, one motion changeover of straight and collect, former positioning preset according to the web width will achieve outstanding productivity and shorter time in preparation. Moreover speed adjustment function for chopper timing and softening device which prevents wrinkles and makes paper folding easier will produce high quality folding of the products.