Tower Offset Printing Press "Color Top 8000":
TKS has developed the Color Top 8000 for telephone directories by integrating the newest technology and functionality of double-width newspaper presses. The Color Top 8000 utilizes space saving designs and production capacity is 700 r.p.m. for 64 pages full color printing. The TKS Super Register Device (SRD) completely eliminates the adverse effects of fan-out. Even at high speed, the Shell Cylinder (on the plate cylinder) allows separate side-lay and circumferential register of the operating and drive side plates, allowing for color register accuracy.

  • The automatic register adjustment system, including the Super Register Device(SRD), provide superior color register preciseness.
  • To cut down on make-ready time, plates can be mounted or removed without any special tools, and without reverse rotation or cutting the web.
  • To achieve accurate tension control, the top/bottom infeed rollers of the printing unit and the outfeed rollers on the printing unit are automatically adjusted (corrected) producing an invariable (stable) printing tension.
  • Two copies can be ejected by push button in the operation room and automatically dropped in the operation room to check for quality, ink density and plate registration. It is also possible to set it so that it automatically drops check copies periodically at a set interim number of copies. In addition to the above, TKS can provide a wide range of automation and manpower saving equipment such as a production control system, centralized monitoring system, automatic ink supply system, automatic blanket wash system, automatic guide roller cleaning system, stack bundlers, palletizing robots and remote control for high efficient production operation.